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Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Color

Table of Contents Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door ColorHow Do You Choose a Garage Door Color?Most Popular Garage Door Color SchemesCoordinating Your Garage Door Color With Your House ColorBrickGray or WhiteBeige or TanContact Oregon City Garage Door for Your Garage Door Installation Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Color Choosing any color for your garage door may be tempting, especially when you have an array of options. That said, it’s best to consider how different colors can impact your home’s curb appeal, as the wrong selection can affect your house’s appearance in a negative way. With some careful consideration, […]

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Guide to Garage Door Technology

Table of Contents Guide to Garage Door TechnologyWi-Fi Garage Door Opener TechnologyAdditional Garage Door Opener Smart TechnologyAmazon Key In-Garage DeliveryBenefits of Garage Door TechnologyLet Oregon City Garage Doors Install Your Door Opener Guide to Garage Door Technology   With smart home technology increasing by leaps and bounds, it’s no surprise that even garage doors have brought a progressive approach to an otherwise underappreciated home feature. Now, it’s possible to modify almost anything mechanical or motorized for smart technology and its many uses. Our smartphones open worlds of possibilities with thousands of apps designed to make our lives easier.  Operating your […]

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Standard Garage Door Sizes

Table of Contents Standard Garage Door SizesStandard Garage Door SizesSingle Garage DoorsDouble or Two-Door Garage DoorsTriple Garage DoorsChoosing the Best Garage Door Size for Your HomeGarage Door Height OptionsCustom Garage Door SizesOregon City Garage Door Will Get It Right the First Time Standard Garage Door Sizes You’ll need accurate measurements to get a new garage door or replace your existing one. These measurements will be determined by the type of door you have, whether it’s single, double or triple capacity. If you have a customized garage door, the size will differ from the standard sizes that most garage doors come […]

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How to Open a Garage Door Without Power

Many homeowners don’t realize their garage doors are affected by power outages until they can’t use them. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until the power comes back to use your garage door. Table of Contents What Happens to Garage Door Openers During Power Outages?How to Manually Open and Close Your Garage Door Without PowerFrom the InsideFrom the OutsideUpgrade Your Garage Door at Oregon City Garage Door What Happens to Garage Door Openers During Power Outages? Garage door openers allow users to control their garage doors automatically while securing them against manual force. During a power outage, electricity no longer […]

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How to Close Garage Door Gaps

A gap in your garage door gives burglars an opportunity to pry. It also offers drafts and pests a chance to enter your home. Thankfully, the experts at Oregon City Garage Door can help. Learn how to inspect your garage door for gap issues and make repairs step-by-step so you can protect your family and raise your curb appeal.  How to Detect Gaps in Your Garage Door When you suspect your garage door has a gap issue, you can inspect a few components to confirm:  Garage door stop: A garage door stop is simply a strip of trim that runs […]

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