Your business’s garage door is a primary entrance for facilitating a majority of your daily activities. To optimize its efficiency, safety and durability, you need a commercial garage door that will open reliably for many years without issue. To keep your company running smoothly, trust the service and repair professionals at Oregon City Garage Door for all of your commercial garage door needs.

Since 1992, we’ve been the premier garage door service company throughout the Portland, OR, area. We’re committed to providing the most comprehensive and extensive repair and maintenance services for any brand or type of commercial garage door. Our team offers all local business owners with the most expert repairs on any garage door, and they complete each job with high-quality parts and equipment quickly and affordably.

Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs

With daily heavy-duty use, your business’s garage door may experience normal wear and tear that eventually results in part breakages, safety hazards and production delays. At Oregon City Garage Door, we offer comprehensive repair services for any commercial garage door brand or type and have an extensive catalog of parts available for fast, efficient and reliable repairs.

Common commercial garage door repairs we can assist you with include:

  • Damaged and Aged Torsion Springs: The garage door’s torsion springs are primarily responsible for safely and efficiently raising and lowering your garage door. Over time, the torsion spring will show signs of wear by cracking or rusting. If your garage door isn’t opening all of the way or won’t open at all, call one of our technicians to quickly and reliably make repairs.
  • Broken Garage Door Parts: With constant operation and harsh conditions, other parts of your garage door can be damaged, as well including the rollers and cables. These parts keep the garage door supported and allow gentle and smooth raising and lowering of the door.
  • Damaged Door Panels or Sections: Your commercial garage door faces a lot of oncoming traffic and damaged or broken panels are a common problem for many businesses. With a sectional garage door, you can have repairs performed fast and affordably, making your garage door appear new and function more efficiently.
  • Improper Alignment: If your garage door’s metal tracks become bent or damaged, they can prevent the door from opening and closing correctly. The professionals at Oregon City Garage Door can inspect your tracks and either make necessary repairs or replace them with the correct parts.
  • Defective Motors: Like any machine, the motor operating your garage door can become damaged or worn over time — with one of our experts, we can quickly identify the issue and make repairs or replacement recommendations.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance for Any Brand

Keep your commercial garage door operating reliably, safely and efficiently for many years with the assistance of one of our professionals. Commercial garage door maintenance should be performed by a commercial garage door specialist at least once per year. Our team specializes in commercial garage door maintenance plans for any door brand to ensure it dependably works for many years. During our annual maintenance check-ups, we’ll look over all springs, panels and tracks and all openers and accessories, making any repairs to ensure easy daily use.

For Expert Commercial Garage Door Services, Call Oregon City Garage Door

At Oregon City Garage Door, we have more than 25 years of experience maintaining and servicing all makes and models of commercial garage doors for business owners throughout Portland, OR, and its surrounding areas. We specialize in all types of door repairs — including broken springs, cables, tracks and openers — and offer extensive maintenance programs. If your door ever breaks unexpectantly, we even offer emergency repair services.

Learn more about our commercial garage door services by calling us today at (503) 662-7665 or completing our online contact form to request services.