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How to Open a Garage Door Without Power

Many homeowners don’t realize their garage doors are affected by power outages until they can’t use them. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until the power comes back to use your garage door. Table of Contents What Happens to Garage Door Openers During Power Outages?How to Manually Open and Close Your Garage Door Without PowerFrom the InsideFrom the OutsideUpgrade Your Garage Door at Oregon City Garage Door What Happens to Garage Door Openers During Power Outages? Garage door openers allow users to control their garage doors automatically while securing them against manual force. During a power outage, electricity no longer […]

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How to Close Garage Door Gaps

A gap in your garage door gives burglars an opportunity to pry. It also offers drafts and pests a chance to enter your home. Thankfully, the experts at Oregon City Garage Door can help. Learn how to inspect your garage door for gap issues and make repairs step-by-step so you can protect your family and raise your curb appeal.  How to Detect Gaps in Your Garage Door When you suspect your garage door has a gap issue, you can inspect a few components to confirm:  Garage door stop: A garage door stop is simply a strip of trim that runs […]

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How to Fix Gaps on the Top, Side and Bottom of Your Garage Door 

Even the smallest garage door gap is an invitation for unwanted moisture, debris and pests, including mice, rats and insects. Or, in more severe circumstances, visible gaps in the door could involuntarily invite burglars to try to invade your home. Call on Oregon City Garage Door’s trusted technicians when you need to troubleshoot the issue and repair a garage door gap. Table of Contents What Is a Garage Door Gap?How to Check for Garage Door Gaps How Do I Seal the Edges on my Garage Door?Check the StopsCheck the TracksAdjust the Limit SwitchesReplace the Weatherstripping SealContact Oregon City Garage Doors Today! What […]

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How to Repair a Dented Garage Door Panel

A dented garage door can impact your home’s curb appeal and the security of your garage. Thankfully, there are several tried and true methods for garage door dent removal and repair. At Oregon City Garage Door, our experts have put together a guide on fixing a bent garage door panel to help you get started.  Table of Contents Common Ways Garage Doors Are DentedCan Dents in Garage Doors Be Repaired? How to Fix a Dented Garage Door PanelHammering Out the DentHeating the PanelContact Oregon City Garage Door Common Ways Garage Doors Are Dented Manufacturers build many standard garage doors with aluminum […]

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How to Prevent the Garage From Flooding

Has your garage flooded during heavy rainfall or a natural disaster? Since this part of a home or business is made to be accessible, it’s naturally more vulnerable to flooding or water damage during storms. When that happens, the costs can rack up quickly — flooding can cause foundation damage, destroy inventory or belongings, and lead to health concerns like mold and mildew development. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to flood-proof garage doors and help stop water from entering a garage.  At Oregon City Garage Door, we want to help home and business owners keep their property in […]

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