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How to Build a Pole Barn Garage

pole barn garage with white garage doors

Are you considering installing a garage on your property? You could opt for a traditional stick-built garage, which involves laying a foundation and constructing a wood-framed structure on top of it. You could also choose a pole barn, a type of post-frame build consisting of wood or metal poles and crossbeams. 

Pole barn construction offers several benefits. This type of garage typically takes less time and costs less to build — it doesn’t require a lengthy framing process, and there’s no need to lay a concrete foundation and grade the surface. Extensive separation between the posts facilitates larger wall openings, which are ideal for installing a garage door. Finally, pole barns are highly durable. They can withstand strong winds and other forces. 

How to Build a Pole Barn Step-by-Step

Follow this process for DIY pole barn construction:

  1. Build a base. Choose a flat, well-drained surface and add fill to create a raised base area. Crushed rock screenings work well because they’re small, inexpensive and easy to rake. 
  2. Install the posts. Standard pole barn plans show posts at 8-foot intervals, although you can place them up to 12 feet apart if you need more access for machinery or other wide objects. The post holes should be 5 feet deep and rest atop pre-poured concrete footings. 
  3. Put braces and beams in place. Install horizontal beams on top of the poles that span the distance between each pole. Secure the beams by notching each post approximately 12 inches from the top, setting them in the notches and bolting them together. Another method is to place the beams atop the poles and use bolted metal plates to secure the connection.
  4. Add roof framing. Ready-made trusses will support the roof, eliminating the need for interior support posts.
  5. Install the roof. Metal roofs tend to work best with pole barn construction. They’re quick to install, and there’s no need for full sheathing on top of the trusses. 

Don’t Forget the Pole Barn Garage Door

Oregon City Garage Door is the best choice for your pole barn garage door project. We’ll help you choose the right product for your needs and budget and perform a professional installation that fits your timeline. We also provide warranty coverage for your protection and peace of mind. Contact us to request an estimate today.

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