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Best Type of Garage Door for a Pole Barn Garage

pole barn garage


With its wide open spaces and high ceilings, a pole barn design is one of the most popular detached garage styles. While planning your garage build, every detail must be thought out — including the right garage door for the right garage.

Let’s discuss some garage door options for your pole barn garage. 

Pole Barn Garage vs. Stick-Built Garage

In the world of detached garages, two styles reign supreme — pole barn and stick-built garages. While you may be more familiar with stick-built construction methods, many homeowners prefer the ease and durability of pole barn garages.

Stick-built garages have a concrete foundation with a wood-framed structure built piece by piece on top of the foundation. This type of construction allows for more walls and customization options. 

Pole barns were originally used in agriculture. This type of garage uses post-frame construction methods, with durable wooden poles driven deep into the ground. These posts serve as the main framing elements for the garage. Pole barn garages are quick, durable builds that tend to be more affordable.

What Is the Best Type of Garage Door for a Pole Barn Garage?

There are two main types of pole barn doors — sliding and overhead. While sliding doors are the more traditional option for agricultural pole barn constructions, an overhead door offers more benefits for detached garages: 

  • Automated: Overhead pole barn garage doors can be used with automatic door openers. Most people don’t want to jump out of their car to pull in or out of their garage, so automation is a huge benefit.
  • Sealed: Most sliding doors are not sealed, which can allow dirt, moisture, bugs and other critters inside. Overhead doors are sealed to protect the interior.
  • Insulated: Insulation means you can better control temperatures, allowing you to utilize this space for more than storage. Keep your car, equipment and anything else you own in your garage safe from extreme temperatures
  • Cost: While overhead doors tend to cost more than sliding pole barn doors, this price tag comes with a lot of benefits, including modern features and often a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Need Help Finding a Garage Door for Your Pole Barn Garage?

If you need help finding the right door for your pole barn garage, turn to the experts at Oregon City Garage Door. We can discuss your ideas to help you find a perfect option. We also offer free estimates on new garage door installations. Request a quote online or give us a call at 503-664-9982.

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