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How Can I Cool My Garage in the Summer?

You step into your garage, and you immediately start to sweat. While most garages get hot, there’s always a way to cool them off. Learn more below about why the temperature in your garage rises so high and how to bring it back down in the summer. Table of Contents Why Do Garages Get So Hot in the Summer? The Location, Color & Insulation/Ventilation Matter5 Tips for Cooling Your Garage This SummerContact Us To Insulate Your Garage Door to Keep the Heat Out Why Do Garages Get So Hot in the Summer?  There are two main reasons garages feel like saunas […]

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Tips to Keep Children Safe Near Garage Doors

It’s no secret that the garage isn’t the safest place for young children. You’ve probably already childproofed any drawers or cabinets in your garage to keep your kids from accessing sharp tools or cleaning agents. You also know not to leave power tools plugged in. But how can you childproof a garage door? Garage door child safety starts with you as a parent, just like any other kind of safety you teach your kids about. Not only are there garage door safety tips you should share with your children, but you should also perform regular maintenance to keep children safe […]

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How a New Garage Door Can Decrease Energy Costs

Like most people, you’ve probably been wondering how you can make your home more energy-efficient. You might want to lower your household’s carbon footprint or decrease your energy costs — maybe both! Whatever your reason, you’ve probably heard a lot of different advice on things you can do to accomplish your goal. One notable factor that many people underestimate is the role a new insulated garage door can play when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. Table of Contents What Is an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?Which garage doors are most energy-efficient?How Can a New Garage Door Decrease Energy Costs?1. It […]

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When to Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

The value of your home is important no matter how long you plan on remaining in your home, whether that’s for the next 30 years or just the next three. Wherever you are in your homeowning journey, the resale value of your home is on your mind whenever you’re making improvements and performing repairs. Your garage is a critical factor in your home’s value. Fortunately, garage doors tend to be an excellent investment for homeowners. Garage door replacement is the top remodeling project for costs recouped through increased home value, with an average of 97.5% of the cost recovered. A […]

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Garage Door Maintenance Guide

Whatever you keep in your garage, you want to protect it. You also want the convenience of a garage door that opens and closes smoothly. While you could get a new door if yours starts malfunctioning, you can prevent any mishaps in the first place with garage door maintenance. In this garage door maintenance guide, you’ll learn why it’s essential to care for your garage door. You’ll see how often to service your garage door along with other tips and reasons to hire a garage door maintenance company. At Oregon City Garage Door, we know how vital a functioning garage […]

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