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When to Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

The value of your home is important no matter how long you plan on remaining in your home, whether that’s for the next 30 years or just the next three. Wherever you are in your homeowning journey, the resale value of your home is on your mind whenever you’re making improvements and performing repairs. Your garage is a critical factor in your home’s value. Fortunately, garage doors tend to be an excellent investment for homeowners. Garage door replacement is the top remodeling project for costs recouped through increased home value, with an average of 97.5% of the cost recovered. A […]

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Garage Door Maintenance Guide

Whatever you keep in your garage, you want to protect it. You also want the convenience of a garage door that opens and closes smoothly. While you could get a new door if yours starts malfunctioning, you can prevent any mishaps in the first place with garage door maintenance. In this garage door maintenance guide, you’ll learn why it’s essential to care for your garage door. You’ll see how often to service your garage door along with other tips and reasons to hire a garage door maintenance company. At Oregon City Garage Door, we know how vital a functioning garage […]

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Most Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door opener is a motorized device that provides you with convenience and security. But as is the case with anything mechanical, years of use will take their toll and something will eventually malfunction or break. If your garage door isn’t working as it should, read through our list of common garage door problems and solutions. Table of Contents Most Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them1. You Can’t Open the Door With Either the Wall Switch or the Remote Control2. You Can’t Operate the Door With the Keypad or Remote Control3. Your Garage Door Won’t Close […]

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Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Garage

Most people — 74 percent — wish their garages were better organized, while 34 percent don’t even know what they store in their garage. Garages can easily become the default storage place for the odds and ends that seem to accumulate at home no matter how hard you try to stay organized. It’s easy to toss items that are too dirty or too big to keep indoors straight into your garage, but do you stop and think before you store items in your garage? No matter how cluttered or organized your garage, some things just do not belong there. Take […]

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How a New Garage Door Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When trying to boost the value of their homes, many homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen or bathrooms. However, these projects can easily go over budget or take more time than expected. There is actually a much simpler and more affordable home improvement project that many homeowners overlook completely: a garage door replacement. In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of a new garage door and how this upgrade can lead to a higher home value. Table of Contents How Much Value Does a Garage Door Add?How New Garage Doors Increase Home Value1. Increases Curb Appeal2. Boosts Energy Efficiency3. […]

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