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Best Type of Garage Door for a Pole Barn Garage

  With its wide open spaces and high ceilings, a pole barn design is one of the most popular detached garage styles. While planning your garage build, every detail must be thought out — including the right garage door for the right garage. Let’s discuss some garage door options for your pole barn garage.  Pole Barn Garage vs. Stick-Built Garage In the world of detached garages, two styles reign supreme — pole barn and stick-built garages. While you may be more familiar with stick-built construction methods, many homeowners prefer the ease and durability of pole barn garages. Stick-built garages have […]

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How to Remove Rust From a Garage Door

Rust takes a toll on metal garage doors. This destructive force can weaken your garage door over time and produce cracks or holes. Rust can also detract from the door’s appearance and reduce your property’s curb appeal.  Garage door rust spreads rapidly, so it’s imperative to address it as soon as you notice it. Painting over rust spots without removing them first only provides a temporary fix because it won’t deter the underlying rust formation. However, it’s possible to remove it before it consumes the door’s surface.  How to Repair Garage Door Rust If you catch rust on your garage […]

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How to Build a Pole Barn Garage

Are you considering installing a garage on your property? You could opt for a traditional stick-built garage, which involves laying a foundation and constructing a wood-framed structure on top of it. You could also choose a pole barn, a type of post-frame build consisting of wood or metal poles and crossbeams.  Pole barn construction offers several benefits. This type of garage typically takes less time and costs less to build — it doesn’t require a lengthy framing process, and there’s no need to lay a concrete foundation and grade the surface. Extensive separation between the posts facilitates larger wall openings, […]

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Residential vs. Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial and residential garage doors share the same basic function — they let vehicles and people in and out of garages. While a residential door offers access to your home’s garage, you’ll find commercial doors in industrial settings. However, location is not the only difference between these two types of doors, as each design boasts unique features and structural elements that make it ideal for its target application.  Table of Contents The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Garage DoorsAppearancePriceSizeMaterialFind the Right Door for Your Home or Business The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Garage Doors When you compare the two, […]

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How to Lubricate Your Garage Door

With the right care, your garage door is much more likely to stand the test of time. A well-lubricated door opens and closes smoothly and has a longer life span. To keep your garage door at its best and limit the noises it makes during operation, you’ll want to lubricate it about every six months. What Is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors? The best lubricant for garage doors is a specially formulated spray containing silicone or white lithium grease. These sprays typically come with a long straw attachment that makes them easy to apply in tight spaces. You can […]

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