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Residential vs. Commercial Garage Doors

Residential vs. Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial and residential garage doors share the same basic function — they let vehicles and people in and out of garages. While a residential door offers access to your home’s garage, you’ll find commercial doors in industrial settings. However, location is not the only difference between these two types of doors, as each design boasts unique features and structural elements that make it ideal for its target application. 

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

When you compare the two, there are distinct pros and cons to commercial garage doors versus residential units. Comparing factors like cost, appearance, size and material make it apparent why the different classifications exist. 


Residential garage doors come in many different colors, and some designs include decorative windows and added accessories. As such, choosing a residential door design that complements your home’s appearance can significantly boost its curb appeal. Meanwhile, commercial doors have a more straightforward design, as it is more important for them to be functional than attractive. 


When comparing commercial vs residential garage door prices, you’ll find that commercial doors are significantly more costly. In making these doors, manufacturers use expensive, durable materials that stand the test of time even with frequent use. Additionally, these heavy doors also require special door openers that can handle their weight and perform many opening cycles. 


Size is the primary marker of what makes a garage door commercial or residential. Residential doors typically measure around 7 feet in height and 8 or 9 feet in width. You can customize your home’s garage door to accommodate motorhomes, but even large residential doors are still considerably smaller than commercial versions. Commercial overhead doors are typically about 32 feet wide and 24 feet tall, but they may be even larger. 


When choosing a type of material for a residential door, homeowners often consider durability, price and aesthetics. They might opt for wood, glass, fiberglass, steel, aluminum or composite doors to find an attractive design that fits their budget and expectations. 

While a residential door will likely be cycled two to four times a day, a commercial door may open and close many times in a single workday to accommodate shipping needs. Because the appearance of these doors is less important than their performance, manufacturers only use the most durable materials in their construction, with galvanized steel and aluminum being common choices.

Find the Right Door for Your Home or Business

Oregon City Garage Door provides you with an impressive selection of residential and commercial doors. To ensure you find the right design, we stock products from industry leaders like Clopay®, Amarr Garage Doors and Northwest Door. Contact us to learn more about our services or request an estimate online for a residential or commercial garage door today!

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