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Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Color

Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Color

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Choosing any color for your garage door may be tempting, especially when you have an array of options. That said, it’s best to consider how different colors can impact your home’s curb appeal, as the wrong selection can affect your house’s appearance in a negative way. With some careful consideration, you can select the best color for your garage door — one that works seamlessly alongside the rest of your house and property.

How Do You Choose a Garage Door Color?

When it comes to choosing the right color, it’s important to understand the outcome you’re trying to achieve. While some homeowners like to attract attention to their homes with bold garage door color choices, others prefer to have their garages’ appearance blend in with their properties. For example, you might prefer to highlight other features of your house by selecting a more subtle color choice for your garage.

Finding balance is important as you consider suitable colors — consider your home’s other exterior colors. These colors often include:

  • The field color: This is the main color used on your home’s siding.
  • The trim color: This is often the color used on window and door frames.
  • The accent color: Areas like your front door and window shutters may be presented in a different color.

When pairing your garage door color with your home’s other exterior colors, visualize how everything would look by contrasting light and dark. For example, matching a dark field color with a light accent color will look different compared to a light field color with dark trim. This way, you can create a more cohesive curb appeal design.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the most popular colors for garage doors for you to consider:

  • White
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Browns
  • Grays
  • Black

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Most Popular Garage Door Color Schemes

It’s beneficial to understand the theory behind colors by revisiting the color wheel and thinking about a few basic color schemes. This approach will help you put color matches into context and avoid mixing random colors because they look appealing.

The color wheel can become complicated, but we’ll keep to the fundamentals and highlight the important aspects. Here’s a breakdown of a few color schemes you may want to incorporate to align your home and garage door’s appearance.

  • Primary colors: These are the dominant colors on the color wheel that can be mixed to create secondary colors — red, yellow and blue.
  • Analogous colors: Located in close proximity on the color wheel, analogous colors sit alongside each other. These are colors that are similar in depth and hue and would normally blend in well when used together, although some shades can overpower the other colors and should be used subtly. Examples are violet or blue-violet or green and yellow-green.
  • Monochromatic colors: A single color portrayed in different shades and hues is monochromatic. For example, you could opt for avocado green trim with an emerald accent color, while the field color is a different shade of green altogether. Although it might seem like too much of the same color, using a monochromatic approach can create an appealing visual flow when used strategically.
  • Complementary colors: These colors are situated opposite each other on the color wheel, creating a stark contrast when paired. Examples are purple and yellow. While bold and daring, they can enhance coherence in the right setting.
  • Neutral colors: These are base colors like white, gray, black and brown, and softer shades of brown like tan, creme and beige that are made using two complementary colors.
  • Warm colors: These are earthy colors that are often associated with seasons like fall, including shades of orange, yellow and red.

Coordinating Your Garage Door Color With Your House Color

Certain colors and shades will match your house’s color better than others. Below, we cover a few popular home siding options and how you can coordinate your garage door color with them for a coherent exterior design.


A brick home already features natural reds, browns or yellows, which you can use in your favor. Inspect the primary colors in your home’s brick siding, such as red or yellow. Match your garage door using a similar color. For example, a dark chocolate brown may highlight the brick, while a contrasting but complementary brick and garage door combination like red and forest green might stand out more.

Gray or White

These neutral colors offer many potential matches because of their simple yet versatile nature. Still, you may want to avoid similar light colors for your garage door, like gray and tan. These colors can leave your house looking dull. Instead, opt for similar colors that have considerable shade contrasts. For example, if your siding is a gray color, opt for a much darker gray tone for your garage door color.

Beige or Tan

Similar to gray and white, you have many options with neutral colors like beige and tan. Try to steer clear of similar-toned colors. For example, you could choose a dark brown or a wood-stained garage door instead to create a more notable contrast.

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