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How to Remove Rust From a Garage Door

Rust takes a toll on metal garage doors. This destructive force can weaken your garage door over time and produce cracks or holes. Rust can also detract from the door’s appearance and reduce your property’s curb appeal

Garage door rust spreads rapidly, so it’s imperative to address it as soon as you notice it. Painting over rust spots without removing them first only provides a temporary fix because it won’t deter the underlying rust formation. However, it’s possible to remove it before it consumes the door’s surface. 

How to Repair Garage Door Rust

If you catch rust on your garage door early, you may be able to remove it and repair the damage in a few steps: 

  1. Cleaning: Fill a bucket with warm water and dish detergent. With the door closed, use a rag and a large sponge to clean off as much dirt and debris as possible. 
  2. Scrubbing: Fill a second bucket with white vinegar and soak a rag in it for several minutes. Alternate rubbing the rust spots with a steel wood pad and the rag until you’ve removed all the rust. 
  3. Sanding: Use a small piece of sandpaper to sand the rust-damaged areas on the door.
  4. Priming: Apply a zinc-chromate primer to the affected areas with a paintbrush. This preventive step can stop future rust formation.
  5. Painting: Allow the primer coating to dry completely before painting the affected areas with a color that coordinates with your door.

When to Get Professional Assistance

If rust has advanced too far for you to remove it yourself, you may need to contact a professional garage door company. Extreme rust may require a panel replacement. At Oregon City Garage Door, our experienced technicians can perform this common repair task and have your door looking like new. 

We can also help if rust has completely overtaken your garage door and you need a replacement. We offer a wide assortment of products from Clopay®, North America’s leading garage door manufacturer. We’ll help you select the best door for your needs and budget and perform a fast, seamless installation. 

Contact Us to Learn More

At Oregon City Garage Door, we’ve been providing premium garage door products and services in Portland and the surrounding areas since 1992. If you need to remove rust from a garage door, our experienced team is ready to help. Contact us for additional information or to schedule a convenient service appointment today.

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