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How to Close Garage Door Gaps

A gap in your garage door gives burglars an opportunity to pry. It also offers drafts and pests a chance to enter your home. Thankfully, the experts at Oregon City Garage Door can help.

Learn how to inspect your garage door for gap issues and make repairs step-by-step so you can protect your family and raise your curb appeal. 

How to Detect Gaps in Your Garage Door

When you suspect your garage door has a gap issue, you can inspect a few components to confirm: 

  • Garage door stop: A garage door stop is simply a strip of trim that runs along the left and right sides of the door as well as the top of its opening. The stop covers all the gaps present between the edges of the door and the jambs to provide a weatherproof seal when the garage is closed.
  • Tracks: If the door is out of plumb, or not vertical when closed, there may be a gap at the tracks. Check the roller tracks on each side of the door. Installers place each track mounted on brackets. The tracks should be plumb and hold the door at a steady distance from each side stop. 
  • Bottom gap: If there’s a gap at the bottom of your door, it’s often due to the frame or floor settling. If the bottom panel seems to be sagging, you may need a new panel or garage door. 

Common Ways to Close Garage Door Gaps

Depending on the cause of the gap in your garage door, there are a number of methods for closing it: 

  • Adjust the limit switch: The limit switch for the garage door determines where the door stops when you shut it. You can adjust the limit switch so the seal compresses to the floor. Typically, the limit switch is found with your garage door opener, so check your manual for model-specific instructions. 
  • Replace the seal: The seal on your garage door can wear away over time from weather and consistent use. Replacing a garage door seal is often straightforward with a kit from your local hardware store. Some kits make it as simple as driving several screws through predrilled holes. 
  • Install a garage door threshold: You can find these at the local hardware store. You’ll use a rubber threshold and glue to create a permanent barrier at the bottom of your door. 

In other cases, you may need the help of a professional. Garage doors are heavy, and repairs can be dangerous without the proper training and equipment.

Trust Oregon City Garage Door for Routine Garage Door Maintenance 

Not sure how to repair your garage door gap? Oregon City Garage Door has been helping families and commercial businesses with reliable garage door solutions since 1992. 

Our professionals can diagnose your issue and seal your garage door gap, helping you save time and money and ensure your family’s safety. Connect with a specialist online to request an estimate today. 

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