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How to Fix Gaps on the Top, Side and Bottom of Your Garage Door 

How to Fix Gaps on the Top, Side and Bottom of Your Garage Door

Even the smallest garage door gap is an invitation for unwanted moisture, debris and pests, including mice, rats and insects. Or, in more severe circumstances, visible gaps in the door could involuntarily invite burglars to try to invade your home. Call on Oregon City Garage Door’s trusted technicians when you need to troubleshoot the issue and repair a garage door gap.

What Is a Garage Door Gap?

A garage door gap is an unwanted space along the sides, top or bottom of your garage door. Rain, wind and pests can enter these gaps and wreak havoc on your garage, home or business, including its foundation. If you work from your garage, a gap can also affect your shop’s insulation and dramatically increase your energy bills. 

How to Check for Garage Door Gaps 

Sometimes, garage door gaps are visibly noticeable. Other times, you may need to search for them. To do so, turn out the lights in your garage and scan for cracks of sunlight. You can also run your hand along the edges of your garage door to feel for drafts. 

How Do I Seal the Edges on my Garage Door?

Learn about the many different garage door gap solutions from our repair experts at Oregon City Garage Door.

Check the Stops

Stops are the rubber trimmings that run the length of your garage door. If the gap in your garage doors runs along the top, sides or bottom edges, your stops may be the culprit. You may need to adjust or replace them. You can also fill small cracks in your stops with caulk. 

Check the Tracks

If your garage door tracks are bent, misaligned or aren’t vertical, your garage door may sag, causing gaps along the edges of your door. We recommend hiring an experienced technician to safely re-align your tracks if they aren’t parallel. 

Adjust the Limit Switches

For gaps located beneath the weatherstripping, try adjusting the limit switches on your opener. After reading the instruction manual for your unique opener, adjust the downward travel limit switch slightly so your garage door closes flush to the garage floor. 

Replace the Weatherstripping Seal

For gaps along the bottom of your garage door, the problem may stem from worn-out or chewed weatherstripping. You can find weatherstripping kits at your local hardware store. Measure the trimming twice to ensure it fits the length of your garage door, then cut it to size and install it following the instruction manual.

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Still not sure what’s causing your garage door gap? Hire a professional to find the cause and seal your garage door gap. Our expert technicians will pinpoint the direct cause of the gap, saving you time and money in the long run. Plus, hiring a professional will keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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