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How to Fix a Stuck Garage Door

Owning a garage is so convenient, as long as the garage door is running smoothly. You rely on your garage door to go up and down on demand multiple times each day. If your garage door was installed properly, you’re used to it working without any issues. But, perhaps today, it got stuck.  Garage doors rely on a series of interconnected parts to function properly. Their complex design can sometimes malfunction without warning. Regular garage door maintenance can help avoid these issues, but breakdowns can still happen.  A stuck garage door can cause inconveniences in your daily routine. Sometimes there is a […]

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How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Garage

Like any other part of your home, your garage is vulnerable to mold. In fact, garages can be even more susceptible because mold thrives in dark, damp spaces.  Even if you aren’t in your garage much, mold can still pose health risks to you and your family — you may be bringing it into your home on shoes and backpacks without even realizing it. Exposure to mold can lead to symptoms such as skin and throat irritation, coughing and nasal stuffiness. Preventing and eliminating mold in your garage can prevent lasting damage to your home as well as keep your family […]

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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time to declutter, clean and organize your home — including your garage. After all, there is nothing better than starting the year off right with a clean space. Along with removing all the dust and dirt, you can go through your garage, get rid of any items you don’t need and replace any old or broken belongings. Table of Contents Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed 5 Tips on How to Clean Out Your Garage1. Remove Everything From the Garage 2. Dust, Wipe and Sweep3. Clean the Floor 4. Sort and Organize 5. Check Your Garage Door Keep Your Garage Operating as It […]

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Turning Your Garage Into a Living Space

If you are looking to add additional square feet of living space to your home, your garage is a great place to start. You’ll be giving up a protected parking and storage area, but you’ll be gaining around 600 square feet of additional space — without paying the high prices associated with a full-scale addition.  Table of Contents What’s Involved in a Garage Conversion Project? How to Remodel a Garage and Make It Livable What Types of Rooms Can You Convert a Garage Into? Looking for a New Garage Door to Complete Your Conversion Project? What’s Involved in a Garage Conversion Project?  While […]

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5 Cheap Ways to Heat Your Garage in the Winter

Your concrete garage is likely not the warmest part of your home. Whether you use it for vehicle storage or as a workshop, stepping into or spending time in a frigid space is not a pleasant experience.  If you’ve been dealing with cold temperatures, you can keep your garage warm in a few different ways. Table of Contents How to Keep Your Garage Warm in the Winter 1. Space Heaters 2. Insulation 3. Weatherstrip and Caulk 4. Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump5. Radiant Heat Flooring Interested in Installing an Insulated Garage Door?  How to Keep Your Garage Warm in the Winter  You don’t have to deal […]

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