Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Services in Portland

With routine, everyday use, it’s easy to forget about the workload that your garage door and its components have to handle. Most parts are designed with long-term durability in mind, but an abundance of cycles can eventually result in breakages.

A door’s springs are parts that can experience frustrating problems, as they’re critical to keeping the entire unit functional. Depending on what goes wrong, attempting to remedy an issue can be frustrating and even dangerous. When a situation extends out of your comfort zone, Oregon City Garage Door can help you reel it back in.

We’ve provided trusted and acclaimed service throughout the Portland area since 1992, as our knowledgeable technicians and top-tier inventory make us suited to any project that comes our way.

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Finding the Problem

Garage doors feature a series of cables, springs and other mechanisms to remain functioning on a consistent basis. One malfunction can throw the whole system out of whack, and that’s especially true of a door’s torsion springs, which keep the door balanced and prevent it from snapping shut.

If you fear your door might be showing signs of spring issues, here are some common symptoms to stay alert for:

  • If you’re noticing squeaky, loud noises during your door’s cycle, it could indicate that your springs need lubrication
  • If your door’s cycles have slowed down or shown resistance, your springs might be unbalanced
  • Resistance might also be the result of loose screws or bolts around a spring’s apparatus

Even when small issues like these arise, it can be difficult to properly handle them due to the enormous amount of tension the springs are holding. One false move can worsen the issue or even result in bodily harm. If the springs snap entirely and require replacement, it’s just as dangerous of a situation since a technician will have to recoil the new ones correctly.

In some cases, we have seen previous garage door companies install the incorrect garage door spring, in which our garage door experts can can replace the incorrect spring and return your door to functioning optimally. No matter what your issues might be, our trained technicians can handle them. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll quickly respond and attempt to gain a preliminary understanding of your situation. From there, we can arrange a visit to analyze the situation and determine what kinds of service you need. We offer upfront pricing, so you’ll never feel in the dark about the process.

Equipped to Succeed

We employ only the best technicians, as they’ll utilize top-tier products, tools and knowledge to complete your garage door spring repair. Once we identify your problem, you can rest assured we’ll acquire the parts — which come from top industry manufacturers — and the tools to produce a quick fix.

After we arrange your session, our technician will visit the location, complete the necessary repairs or installation and run the new components through a series of tests to ensure everything is working correctly. All parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong.

We also offer emergency service and continued routine maintenance, which will keep your door functioning for the foreseeable future.

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