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Pass Doors, Breakaway Bottom Doors, Dock Seals, and Chain Link and Security Screen Doors

Pass doors, breakaway bottom doors, dock seals, security chain link and screen doors.
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Clopay Garage Doors

Pass Doors

Pass doors are ideal in applications where space is too limited for the installation of a standard entry door. They conserve energy by allowing building access via a smaller opening versus the entire sectional door, this minimizes wear and tear on the door as well saves electric operator cycles. In inclimate weather, the heat or cold distribution between inside and outside of the building is minimized, conserving additional energy costs.

Available On 3720, 3722, 3724, 3200 and 3220 insulated models as well as 520 and 524 series non-insulated models


Break-away Bottom Sections

Break-away bottom sections will release from the track and swing up to a full 45 degree angle inward or outward, preventing further damage to the door.

Available On 3724, 3722, 3720, 3718, 3717, 3220, and 3200 models as well as all 520 series and all 524 series.


Chain Link and Screen Security Doors

Screen and chain link security doors are a cost-effective way to add security, pest control and ventilation to your facility.

811 11 gauge galvanized steel, chain link security door.
812 1-1/2" or 1-7/8" thick aluminum frame with stainless steel mesh screens


Dock Seals

Dock seals and shelters provide protection from the weather for your dock and personnel in almost every application. They seal loading docks against changes in the environment that can cost you time and money.

DS100 Compressible Foam Dock Seal
DS140 Adjustable Head Curtain Dock Seal
DS200 Rigid Dock Shelter

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