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How to Fix a Stuck Garage Door

Owning a garage is so convenient, as long as the garage door is running smoothly. You rely on your garage door to go up and down on demand multiple times each day. If your garage door was installed properly, you’re used to it working without any issues. But, perhaps today, it got stuck. 

Garage doors rely on a series of interconnected parts to function properly. Their complex design can sometimes malfunction without warning. Regular garage door maintenance can help avoid these issues, but breakdowns can still happen. 

A stuck garage door can cause inconveniences in your daily routine. Sometimes there is a simple fix, and other times you may need professional repairs. These tips can help you avoid frustration and identify the root of the problem so you can get your garage back to normal right away. 

Causes of Sticking

The first step toward fixing your garage door is to figure out why it got stuck. Garage doors are powered by many different parts, which can malfunction for a variety of reasons. 

Here is a list of common problems that cause garage doors to get stuck: 


1. Dead Batteries

The first thing you should check if your garage door is stuck is the batteries in your remote. Batteries die all the time, and this is often the problem. If you swap in fresh batteries and it doesn’t help, you can start checking out other likely causes. 

2. Locked by Accident 

This may seem obvious, but have you checked the lock? Garage doors can often become locked by mistake by a child or an automatic locking system. If your garage door won’t open, take a second to check the locks before trying other solutions. 

3. Cold Weather 

Oregon winters are cold and wet, and water can collect and freeze around the springs of your garage door. A buildup of ice can put pressure on your springs, making your garage door latch stuck. Try removing the ice from the springs and see if your door becomes unstuck. Clearing the ice from your springs may be a simple fix unless they have become damaged. Use a heat gun on a low setting or a hair dryer to gently melt the ice away.

If the ice has broken the springs on your garage door, call a repair service right away. Replacing a spring yourself is extremely dangerous and is not recommended. 

4. Broken Pulley or Springs 

A pulley and spring system lifts your garage door up and down. These mechanisms pull the door along the track to open and close it. If a spring is broken or the pulley is obstructed, the garage door will not be functional. These parts can break even while the door is in motion, causing it to be stuck halfway or fully open. 

Springs are not designed to last forever. After a while, they need to be replaced. If you believe this is causing your door to be stuck, call a professional garage door repair service. They can fix the broken spring or pulley system to get your garage door running smoothly. 

5. Track Issues 

Your garage door’s track is an essential part of the opening and closing mechanism. But it’s also one of the most delicate. Rollers guide your garage door along the track to lift it up and down. If the track is disturbed, your door can easily become stuck. 

Common track issues include: 

  • Blockages: Objects like rocks and leaves or even a rubber ball have been known to weasel their way into garage door tracks. Examine your tracks for any items that could be blocking the rollers from moving. Only try to clean these blockages if your garage door is in the down position to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Dislodged rollers: If your garage door opens halfway and stops, your rollers may have jumped off of the track. A professional is needed to fix this problem safely.
  • Damage: Regular wear and tear can add up, causing the tracks to become bent and misshapen. They can also be broken by an impact from a car or harsh weather conditions. Call a professional to make sure your garage door is fixed properly. 

6. Sensor Malfunction 

Sensors are designed to keep your garage door open if they sense an obstruction. Sometimes, sensors register a blockage like dust and other debris as an object, causing the garage door to be stuck open. Try wiping them off and test if that works. If problems persist, consult a professional for help. 

7. Inadequate Lubrication 

Proper lubrication is required for your door to function smoothly. If your garage door has been making a lot of noise lately, you may not have enough. Poor lubrication will cause your door to get stuck, but the solution is simple. Apply lubricant to the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs after cleaning the components. Do this when the door is in the down position. 

Stuck up, Down or Halfway? 

The spot where your garage door is sticking can help you troubleshoot the cause of the problem. You can rule out certain malfunctions depending on where it is jammed.

Stuck Up

Common causes for a garage door that is stuck in the up position include: 

  • You have malfunctioning garage sensors.
  • There’s a broken spring.
  • There’s an electrical issue with the garage door opener.
  • Remote batteries need to be replaced.

Stuck Down

Common causes for a garage door that is stuck down include: 

  • There are broken parts, like hinges, cables or rollers.
  • The garage door is locked.
  • Rollers are out of the tracks.
  • Remote batteries need to be replaced.

Stuck Halfway

Common causes for a garage door that is stuck halfway include: 

  • An obstruction is blocking the rollers on the tracks. 
  • There’s a jam in the spring and pulley system. 
  • The pressure on the garage door opener needs an adjustment.  

Contact Oregon City Garage Door to Fix a Jammed Garage Door 

If your garage door is stuck, you can look at the areas listed above to identify the problem. Check the locks, clean out the tracks, apply lubricant and attempt a few other easy fixes. However, making major repairs to your garage door can be dangerous if you do not have experience. Trust your garage door to the professionals for a quick and easy fix. 

At Oregon City Garage Door, our professionals provide high-quality prompt and friendly service. Our experts are available to inspect your residential or commercial garage door and find the right solution to make your garage fully functional again. We also offer garage door maintenance and tune-up services to prevent your garage door from getting stuck again in the future. 

If your garage door is having issues that you can’t seem to fix, call in the experts. Schedule a service with Oregon City Garage Door today! 

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