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Decorating Your Garage for the Holidays

Decorating Your Garage for the Holidays

Oregon City Garage Door sells stunning garage doors, but you can still add some extra sparkle to your doors for Christmas. Garage doors are large fixtures, and decorating them can boost your property’s festive cheer. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate garage doors for the holidays, we have some ideas. 

How to Decorate Your Garage Door for Christmas

Here are five of our favorite ways to get your garage ready for the holidays.

1. Make a Garage Door Gift

You can make your garage door resemble a wrapped gift by adorning it with colorful ribbons. Attach them with nails, staples or hooks. We recommend looking for ribbons made from outdoor-friendly fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure your festive cheer and ribbons won’t fade. You can also add a beautiful bow. Make sure any decorations are fairly thin to prevent the material from causing garage door problems when you roll the door up. 

2. Add Metal Magnets

If you have a metal garage door, you can beautify its surface with festive magnets. These whimsical decorations require minimal effort and won’t interfere with your garage door’s operating system. 

3. Make a Snowman

Build a snowman on your white garage door. Use black and orange vinyl to cut out six black circles for the eyes and smile and an orange triangle for the nose. Stick the shapes on your door, and soon, your friendly snowman will greet passersby with a warm smile. 

4. Grace Your Overhead Door with a Wreath

Wreaths are more than front door decorations — you can also hang an elegant evergreen wreath above your garage door or directly on the door itself, depending on the door type. If your door does not roll up, you can add a wreath without hindering the door’s functionality. Look for decorations made of durable materials that can endure moisture, cold weather and exposure to sunlight. 

5. Stick Vinyl Decals or Clings

For low-maintenance decor, opt for vinyl clings that are easy to stick on your door. Effortlessly create a festive message with alphabet decals or bring a winter wonderland scene to life. These decals are studier than typical window stickers, and you can remove them easily. 

Merry Christmas From Oregon City Garage Door

From our garage to yours, we wish you a happy holiday and a hassle-free season!  With products from industry leaders such as Northwest Door, Amarr and Clopay®, Oregon City Garage Door stocks durable overhead doors that’ll keep the heat in this winter. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, contact us online.

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