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How Garage Doors Operate

How Garage Doors Operate

Your garage door relies on regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly and conveniently. Before scheduling service for your garage door system, you may want to know the different parts of a garage door and their functions.

What Are the Parts of a Garage Door?

No matter how intricate, each garage door component plays a role in opening and shutting your door. If you’ve ever wondered how these systems work, here are all the important parts of a garage door explained. 


Manufacturers typically make panels from wood, steel or aluminum. Panels are parts of the garage door’s exterior, and you can usually modify them to enhance your house’s appearance and boost its curb appeal. 

Door Opener

The parts of a garage door opener include the operator, drive mechanism, emergency release rope and sensors. The sensors and motors allow automatic garage doors to move without manual effort, so using the garage door opener control directs the sensors and motors to open or close the door. A garage door’s sensors have a limited range, so you can only open the door while close by — unless you invest in smart technology that lets you operate it remotely.


Garage doors only partially rely on a door opener to do the heavy lifting. The motor controls the movement’s direction, while torsion springs placed above the door facilitate the opening and closing. With the help of springs, you can save energy while smoothly opening your doors. 


Garage door tracks sit on the vertical sides of your door and curve upward toward your ceiling. These tracks guide your door’s movement while also working with the garage door springs to prevent the door from falling back down once opened. 


Inside the tracks, you’ll find rollers that move along the tracks as the door opens and closes. These rollers consist of a metal rod and a wheel made from either nylon, steel or plastic. Your technician will replace your rollers periodically to ensure your door opens and shuts smoothly. 

Keep Your Doors Rolling

A garage door system’s complexity — and the extreme stress put on components from a door’s weight — make repairs dangerous to attempt on your own. You need a trusted professional to perform these services safely.

Oregon City Garage Door has been rolling up garage doors since 1992. As a veteran company, we offer our clients outstanding repair and maintenance services in Oregon. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, take a look at our impressive collection of residential and commercial garage doors and contact us online. 

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