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How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

For many homeowners, a garage door is more than an entrance — it completes their home’s exterior design and safeguards vehicles and stored belongings. Like every essential element in a home, understanding the life span of a garage door and when it may need replacement is paramount to ensure its durability.

The Average Life Span of a Garage Door

A well-maintained garage door can serve homeowners diligently for years, but its life span can vary depending on its materials. Some common materials and their life spans include:

  • Steel and aluminum: Popular for their robustness, these doors may last up to 20 or 30 years if they receive regular maintenance.
  • Wood: Exuding timeless elegance, wooden doors may grace your home for a good 15 to 20 years — or more — with proper care.
  • Fiberglass and vinyl: These common materials typically offer a functional life span of at least 15 years, but they can often last twice that if you maintain them well.

How Often Should Garage Doors Be Replaced?

While your door can function for years with frequent maintenance and repairs, it is wise to remain vigilant and observe its performance with every cycle. Some factors that may indicate it’s time to replace your garage door include:

  • Erratic operation: If your door refuses to open or close smoothly, it may have deeper mechanical issues that cannot be resolved without replacement.
  • Audible distress: Excessive noise could indicate that it’s time for a replacement, especially if a technician is unable to fully fix the issue. 
  • Visible wear and tear: You may want to replace your garage door if it experiences extensive exposure to elements, accidental collision, impact and aging that impact your home’s appearance negatively.
  • Recurring repairs: Replacing your garage door may be more cost-effective if it requires frequent repairs, as these fixes can add up and may result in you needing a new door in the end, anyway.

Factors to Consider

Several variables play pivotal roles in determining how long your garage door will last:

  • Use: When you open and close your door repeatedly, the door will gradually wear out faster than a stationary one.
  • Climate: Constant exposure to elements such as rain, snow, wind and sleet and harsh weather conditions — be it cold, heat or humidity — can accelerate garage door wear.
  • Maintenance: Garage doors require regular service for peak function, so an annual inspection by a professional technician can maximize the door’s life span.
  • Installation: Professional installation from a certified company can help your door enjoy top function and longevity.
  • Materials: The manufacturing materials of your door will affect its longevity, whether you choose a steel option for less denting or chipping or aluminum for less strain on your garage door opener. 

Repair or Replace?

In the end, the decision to repair or replace your garage door depends on various factors. The only time that you may need to replace your door is when it cannot be repaired, but otherwise, the choice is up to you. 

If you are unsure what you should do, you can ask a professional garage door company like Oregon City Garage Door for advice. Our skilled team members can help replace your door with an option from our large inventory of residential door brands and commercial overhead doors or provide necessary repairs to keep your door working.

Work With a Trusted Garage Door Dealer

Your garage door provides safety, convenience and curb appeal. Considering its importance, making informed decisions about maintenance and replacement is essential, and Oregon City Garage Door is a call away when you need expert advice and guidance. We serve the entire Portland area and are standing by to assess your garage door. Contact us for garage door expertise if it’s time for a change or a checkup.

work with a trusted garage door dealer

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