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Garage Fire Safety Tips

Table of Contents Garage Fire Safety TipsImportance of Garage Fire SafetyFire Safety TipsLet Oregon City Garage Door Help You Prevent Fires Garage Fire Safety Tips Your garage likely serves multiple purposes, from safe vehicle storage to excess storage space to home improvement hobby areas. It’s also likely used for housing anything from seasonal decor to recreational equipment, paints, cleaning agents, vehicle fluids, and large appliances like hot water heaters or furnaces. With so many items present in your home’s garage, this space is highly susceptible to unexpected fires. The key to preventing garage fires is to establish safety routines, properly […]

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How to Detect Garage Door Scams

A garage door is an important household fixture. It allows you to conveniently enter and exit your home while providing a barrier against intruders and the elements. However, like all pieces of equipment, it breaks down on occasion — and when this happens, chances are that you’ll want to have it fixed as quickly as possible. Sadly, there are scammers out there who, taking advantage of customers’ desperation and ignorance about garage doors, will grossly overcharge for simple, inexpensive repairs. Read our guide to learn about common tricks that garage door scammers use, ways to recognize these swindlers and how […]

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5 Tools Every Man Should Have In His Garage

Table of Contents Five Tools Every Man Should Have In His GarageClaw HammerPhillips ScrewdriverFlathead ScrewdriverCrescent WrenchVice Grip PliersThings To Remember When Buying Your Tools Five Tools Every Man Should Have In His Garage Whether you’re 25 or 75, having a properly kitted out toolbox is not only convenient, it might as well be a necessity. With the right tools, you can do almost anything, from building a cabinet to fixing your adorable niece’s old bike. You can also save yourself time and money by getting the job done yourself, and revel in the satisfaction knowing that you are equipped to […]

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Winterizing Your Garage Door

Table of Contents Winterizing Your Garage DoorCheck and Replace BatteriesLubricate Metal PartsCheck the SpringsCheck the Automatic Reversal MechanismInsulate Your Garage Door Winterizing Your Garage Door With the cold, the hail, and the snow, winters can be a brutal time for the health of your house, and that includes your garage door. If your door is not properly sealed, cold air will rush in, chilling your entire garage and possibly affecting the warmth of your home. Depending on how cold it gets, this could potentially harm your car or other valuables. A little bit of prep to winterize your garage door […]

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Top 7 Easy Home Updates

Table of Contents Top Seven Easy Home Updates1. New Light Fixtures2. Modern Door Hardware3. Fresh Table Linens4. New Bathroom Accessories5. Unusual Accent Furniture6. New Garage Hardware7. Lush Plants Top Seven Easy Home Updates Our living spaces should be a comfortable reflection of our personalities and personal tastes. However, if you’ve been living in the same house for awhile, chances are that your decor scheme might need a little freshening up. A revitalized home environment is a great way to boost your mood and keep you from feeling stagnant, but not everyone can afford to do a full-scale home makeover whenever […]

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