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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time to declutter, clean and organize your home — including your garage. After all, there is nothing better than starting the year off right with a clean space. Along with removing all the dust and dirt, you can go through your garage, get rid of any items you don’t need and replace any old or broken belongings.

Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed small house with garage

If it’s been a while since you last cleaned out your garage or you have a lot of items, the thought of tackling such a task can feel overwhelming. While it may feel like there are many challenges ahead, here are a few tips you can try to make the process run more smoothly:

  • Come up with a goal so you have something specific you are working toward.
  • Break tasks down into a checklist that you need to complete to reach your goal.
  • Gather your friends and family and assign tasks to each person.
  • Pace yourself and focus on your end goal. 

5 Tips on How to Clean Out Your Garage

Ready to start? Here are five tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing your garage this spring:

1. Remove Everything From the Garage 

To make the entire cleaning and organization process easier, start by removing everything from your garage. If there’s no rain in the forecast, you can move all your items out to your driveway so you have a blank slate to work with. 

2. Dust, Wipe and Sweep

Starting from top to bottom, begin sweeping and dusting away any cobwebs, dust and dirt on the ceiling, walls and shelves. Then, give the floor a quick sweep to get rid of anything that has fallen down. 

3. Clean the Floor man holding gardening hose

Once your garage is dust-free, you can create a simple DIY cleaning solution of distilled vinegar and water to clean the floors. If there is a lot of grime, you might need to use your hose or a power washer to clean it. Once the floors are sparkling clean, you can also use this solution on your garage door windows. 

4. Sort and Organize 

As your garage is drying out, you can start sorting and organizing everything you have in the driveway. Create separate piles for the things you want to keep, sell, throw out and give away. 

If you don’t have any storage units, shelves or wall organizers, now is a good time to install those. Having a designated place for your things keeps everything organized and prevents your garage from becoming too cluttered in the future. 

5. Check Your Garage Door modern garage doors with windows

Now is also the perfect time to check your garage door and see if it needs any maintenance. Ensure everything is working as it should and has no loose parts or rust. 

Keep Your Garage Operating as It Should With Oregon City Garage Door

When it’s time for your yearly garage door maintenance, Oregon City Garage Door has you covered. Along with our collection of functional and stylish residential garage doors, we also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your garage running as it should throughout the year. 

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