At Oregon City Garage Door, we have been repairing, installing and maintaining garage doors for more than a decade. We are proud to provide our customers with the most reliable and thorough garage door repair service in Portland. We can repair just about any garage door in existence, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are having trouble with yours. We will quickly pinpoint the problem and start making repairs immediately. Once we are done, your garage door will work just like it did when you first installed it.

If you park your cars in a garage, then chances are you have to use your garage door multiple times just about every day of your life. Just like most other objects with moving parts, garage doors will wear down with prolonged and regular usage. Garage doors are quite simple, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of things can’t go wrong with one. One thing that can malfunction is your garage door opener. A malfunctioning garage door opener can cause your door to not close or open all the way. It can also stop working altogether, in which case you will be forced to open and close the door manually. One of the most common issues with garage doors is that the tension springs get too old and corroded to work properly. These tension springs provide the force needed to open the garage door, and they are constantly under a lot of pressure. Garage door springs must be replaced periodically. If they get weak enough, tension springs can break. When this happens, the spring acts like a metal whip and can damage your vehicles or other objects in your garage. The many cables and pulleys that a garage door uses can also wear down. When these cables snap, your garage door will no longer open or close automatically. Repairing and replacing worn out springs and cables may seem like a straightforward and simple task, but that is often not the case. Trying to fix springs or cables on your own can be dangerous, and is a job that is better left to the professionals.

At Oregon City Garage Door, we excel at repairing and maintaining garage doors whether we installed them or not. Our Portland garage door repair service is unparalleled in quality and dependability. If your garage door is giving you fits, contact us today for a free estimate.