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4 Ways To Organize Your Garage Today

Four Simple Ways You Can Organize Your Garage Today:

When it comes to rooms in your home, often the garage is the last thing on your list to take care of. Unfortunately, this kind of neglect leads to disorganization which is an unnecessary source of stress. While there are lots of handy DIY tutorials available, many of them can be difficult and time-consuming. Since not all of us have the time or the energy to give our garages a full makeover, here are three easy ways you can organize your garage today.

1. Use The Tennis Ball Parking Method

One of the best ways to keep your garage organized is to know where to park your car. Making sure you have enough room on all sides helps keep the clutter at bay and makes your life a lot easier. Since it’s not like you can mark An X on your garage floor,  the best way to find an optimal parking spot is to hang a tennis ball from the ceiling and use it as an indicator for an ideal stopping point.

2. Cover up clutter with simple curtains: If you use your garage as an office space or a play room, all the clutter stored up against the walls can look unsightly and feel uninviting. Solve this problem and spruce up your storage space by mounting rods on the walls and hanging up some simple curtains.  This will give the area a more homey feel  and also make  it appear cleaner. When picking out your curtains remember that solid and darker colors are preferred, as patterns can feel overpowering and light shades attract dust.  Check out department store sale bins and thrift stores for inexpensive options.

2. Recognize that renting is sometimes a better idea. While avid enthusiasm for your hobbies is admirable, be conscious of the space you are taking up with your tools. If your latest project is something that requires a specific set of equipment  that you  probably won’t use again, consider renting what you need from your local hardware store or online.  Not buying a new set of tools saves money as well as space, so your wallet and garage will thank you later. 3. Store balls with bungee cords If you’re an active person, or have kids, chances are that your garage is filled with lots of loose sporting equipment, especially sports balls. If you’d like a safer and more organized way to store them,  you can create supermarket style bungee cord organizers at home. Just nail some regular plywood shelves into your wall and attach the bungee cords. The balls are now much easier to get to and aren’t taking up as much space. If you’d like to add some smaller items, just add a few more cords. It’s quick, easy and even looks appealing, especially if you use multi-color ones.

Hopefully these 4 tips will make your garage a better place.